1XBET ❤️ Sports Betting Review (2023)

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With very competitive betting odds and prices, 1XBET is able to lead the bets market. For its sports betting, 1XBET offers live streaming of matches and also casino sports. It also provides 40 different languages to cater to many different people. 1XBET is also one of the first online betting companies to accept Bitcoin for deposits and payments.


Concerning the aesthetic appearance of the website, it has a straightforward but eye-catching design. Unlike other online gambling websites, this one does not have flashy colors. In fact, it’s colored in a dull green which is quite soothing to the eyes and not too painful to look at. With regard to functionality, it’s also a pretty good website because it’s easy to navigate. You can easily see what you need to see on the site.

The navigation bar at the top as a drop-down of each type of betting activity so it will be easy for you to know the details. All the sports that you can bet on are on the left side so you can click on them quickly. The results and the progress of recent and popular matches can all be found in the middle. The login and registration buttons are at the uppermost part of the site, and the other pieces of information can be found at the bottom.

1XBET Odds

1XBET has many sports betting markets that it caters to. Some of the more popular ones would be American Football, Boxing, Racing, Formula 1 Racing, Horse Racing, Motorbike Racing, Rugby, Baseball, eSports, Golf, and also Bicycle Racing. Some of the other sports markets that 1XBET would support are Athletics, Mixed martial arts, Futsal, Chess, Crossfit, Netball, Parasailing, Billiards, Surfing, Squash, Skiing, Polo and lottery.

Exclusive services on 1XBET:

  • Betting Exchange
  • Bet Constructor ⚽️
  • Multi-LIVE
  • Toto 15

As for the odds of 1XBET, they have very high odds. In fact, the odds of this betting platform can probably be compared to even the top bookmaking companies. Their odds are very early and really big that they can also be matched with that of big names. As for the limits, they are rather average because the odds are high. In other words, you won’t be able to place large high bets, but they won’t limit to something too small as well.

Cashout Option 🏆

1XBET does have a cash-out option, but it is named differently. 1XBET offers a bet slip sale in which the customer can sell his/her bet back to the company. This is the same as with the cash out function. The bookmaker also have bet insurance in which it will refund the insured bet in case the customer lost. Lastly, 1XBET has Bet-slip edit option in which the customer can add, replace, or delete accumulated bets without changing the stakes.

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Live Betting ⏱

1XBET offers wealthy live betting section. You can find it on the main menu of the site. There is a list with all of the available live events at the moment. You can choose from different sports like football, tennis, basketball, ice hockey and many others. For every sport, there is an independent list of events. You can click on one game to see all of the available live markets and live odds which are available for it.

There are also some other useful features. For almost every live game at 1XBET, you can use the 1X-Zone which show how the game is going and what happens there. Also, you can see the live result from the match and even live statistics. The betting is easy, as you must choose from the available markets and they will instantly show on your bet slip.

1XBET Countries Restricted

1XBET access problem 🚧

If you are reading this section you are looking for a solution to access 1XBET. Unfortunately in some countries 1XBET does not work. These are the main countries that have connection problems to access 1XBET: United Kingdom, USA, Italy, France, Spain, Netherlands, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Israel and someone else.

If you live in these countries you must use a VPN software to change your IP of your computer or smartphone.

1XBET Mirror Site 🖱

Main countries where 1XBET is censored:

  • Russia
  • China ⚡
  • Turkey
  • Iran
  • Indonesia

The solution: 1XBET Signup.